It’s Time to Fight Back against Amazon and Win

You can get back to selling with help from our experts.

We've been right where you are - losing thousands per day. You’ve done nothing wrong. A mundane technical glitch, an innocent employee mistake, a crazy customer with a grudge who will do anything to destroy you… and you get an email from Amazon that makes your heart plummet as you try to process it.

Yet your business has come to a screeching halt. As each minute ticks by, you’re losing sales. You’re losing visibility. Everything that you have worked so hard for is coming to a close.

You might think it’s all over—but wait: you can fight back!

As a businessperson, you know that the most important thing of all is to be calm, level-headed, and smart.

AZ Support is here to help you to get back into action. Our business is helping sellers like you reclaim your account and get back to selling.

We offer an objective and impartial service that understands how to crack Amazon’s byzantine code—and we are also able to offer expert advice that helps you to retain your income and your livelihood.

You have three choices:

·             Give up—and let that business that you worked so hard for just die

·             Fight with Amazon, hoping for the best. You've got a limited amount of time and responses before Amazon closes your case.

·             Let us step in with a calculated, custom-tailored, and logical appeal plan that Amazon will accept… and get your business back

Don't be fooled by sites offering you a template - Amazon knows when you've used a template. You need a unique, comprehensive response to make it to the right people in Amazon, get their attention, and get reinstated fast. 

Contact us today for your free consultation with details of your particular situation. We will look over your case and get back to you the same day.


Don’t let your world crash down—fight back with experts!

The longer you sit in shock and horror at your account suspension, the more money you lose.

Amazon's metrics can be very arbitrary and ***Unrealistic/ not taking into account the realities of business***. No matter whether you were accused, you had shipment issues or you violated an obscure guideline, we can get you reinstated, or you get your money back.

This is an urgent situation which requires a fast response and an intelligent, articulate action plan. We're Amazon sellers too (FBA and in-house); We've gotten ourselves and others reinstated in no time. Our knowledge of Amazon’s rules enables us to help you get the result you want—fast.

The good news is that you do have a chance if you know how to play Amazon’s game.


We don’t just write—we mine Amazon’s TOS and deliver an appeal that gets the result that you want: getting back to sales.

It’s time to get back your seller account. Don’t waste another minute—with millions of users browsing Amazon every day, you can’t afford to. It’s time to fight back. Contact us today to set up your free consultation.






Getting suspended stinks. The damage done to your business can be devastating, and it will add up quickly!

 Amazon has consistently increased their performance standards for sellers over time, and today their standards are stricter than ever. But don't worry, you've come to the place that can get you reinstated quickly. 



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